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Challenging Philanthropy

Challenging Philanthropy:
Crisis. Concerns. Community.
Create More Givers. 

Partner Hotel: Hotel Nikko
22 – 23 July, 2009 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

in partnership with

Universiti Malaya
Swinburne University Australia
Universiti Teknologi Mara
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Speakers Include:
Peter De Courcy Hero Stanford University, Graduate Business School, US
Erna Witoelar, UN Ambassador, MDGs, President, Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium 
... and many more.

Key Aims Of The Global Conference
• Assess the impact of the global crisis on different types of philanthropy
• Take note of the consequences of the crisis on CSR
• Draw upon the strength of philanthropy to address crisis-generated consequences
• Creatively identify challenges and opportunities for philanthropy
• Initiate exchange of expertise and dialogue between those interested in philanthropic action
• Bring together the community of philanthropic organizations, corporations, governments, non-governmental organisations, and individuals

Why should you attend this Conference?
Philanthropy makes significant impact in reducing
• hunger,
• poverty,
• disease,
• unemployment
• illiteracy and
• ill-health.

In additional to the above, community and corporate (CSR initiatives) philanthropy throughout the world contribute to
• sustaining social harmony,
• providing basic needs to families and
• protecting the environment.
Be part of the philanthropy movement. Strengthen your contribution.

Who Should Participate?
• policy makers
• corporate leaders
• religious figures
• academicians
• researchers
• civil society activists
• students
• diplomats
• parliamentarians, state legislators
• functionaries of regional and international organizations
• representatives of the media.
PROGRAMME: 22nd JULY 2009 (Wednesday)
7.30 am

8.45 am
Opening Remarks 
Mr. Zainon Ahmad, Chair, Philanthropy Asia

8.55 am
Book Launch 
H.E. Erna Witoelar, UN Ambassador for the MDGs and Chair, Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium

9.15 am
Morning Refreshments  
Session ONE
Facing the Challenges Before Philanthropy
9.45am - 11.30 am
Chair: Ms. Josie Fernandez, Managing Director, Philanthropy Asia 
• Turning Crisis into Victory: Challenges for the Non-profit Sector
Speaker: H.E. Erna Witoelar, Chair, Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, UN Ambassador for the MDGs
• The Role of Philanthropy in an Uncertain Global Environment
Speaker: Mr. Peter De Courcy Hero, Senior Fellow, Centre for Social Innovation, Graduate Business School, Stanford University, USA
Q & A
Session TWO
Philanthrocapitalism and Social Entrepreneurship
11.30 am - 1.00 pm
Chair: Mr. Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala, Board Member, Philanthropy Asia 
• New Generation of Philanthropists or Philanthrocapitalists: Their Role in Social Change And Sustainability
Speaker: Ms. Christine Edwards, CEO, The Myer Foundation/Sidney Myer Fund, Australia
• Building Sustainable Communities 
Case Study: The Making of Eco-Paesantran Daarut Tauhiid, Bandung, Indonesia 
Speaker: Dr. Budi Faisal, Head, Eco Paesantran, Indonesia 
Q & A
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
Lunch Break
Session THREE
Community and Religious Philanthropy
2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Ahmad, Dean, Faculty of  Administrative Science and Policy Studies, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia 
• Islamic Generosity: Critical Overview, Practices and Challenges in the Indonesian Perspective 
Speaker: Mr. Zaim Saidi, Director, Public Interest Research and Advocacy Centre (PIRAC), Indonesia
• Ensuring Access to Learning: The Case of Sri Murugan Centre, Malaysia
Speaker: Dato’ Dr. M Thambirajah, Director, Sri Murugan Centre, Malaysia
The Christian Perspective of Giving and Receiving
Speaker: Dr Irene Fernandez, Director, Tenaganita, Malaysia
Q & A
4.30 pm
PROGRAMME: 23rd JULY 2009 (Thursday)

Session FOUR
CSR and Strategic Philanthropy
9.00am - 11.00 am
Chair: Dr. Goh Ban Lee, Board Member, Philanthropy Asia  
• Mobilizing CSR for Strategic Philanthropy
Speaker: Dr. Michael Liffman, Director, Asia Pacific Centre for Philanthropy as Social Investment, Swinburne University, Australia
• CSR Practices in Malaysia
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Zain, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia 
• Community Investment Through CSR
Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Edmund Terrence Gomez, Faculty of Economics & Administration, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia
• Issues, Challenges and The Future of CSR
Speaker: Dr. Mohamad Reevany Bustami, Chair, CSR & Philanthropy Trans-disciplinary Action Group, Universiti Sains Malaysia 
Q & A
11.00 am - 11.30 am
Session FIVE
Nation Building and Philanthropy
11.30 am - 1.00 am
Chair: Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia
• Strategic Corporate Philanthropy For Sustainability
Speaker: Mr. Azhar Osman Khairuddin, Senior General Manager, Group Legal & Corporate Affairs, PETRONAS, Malaysia
• Philanthropy in Africa: The Modern and The Traditional
Speaker: Dr. Bhenkinkosi Moyo, Programme Director, TrustAfrica
• Supporting Community Efforts through CSR: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
Speaker: Mr Virendra S Gupte, Chief - Trade Services, Corporate Head - Corporate Sustainability/ Ethics Counsellor, Tata International, India
• Making a Difference through National Policy Changes and Regulatory Innovations
Speaker: Mr. Alan Feinstein, Asian Public Intellectual Fellow, Thailand 
Q & A
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
Lunch Break 
Session SIX
Green Philanthropy
2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Chair: Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor, President, Malaysian Nature Society 
• Challenges to the Growth of Climate Change Philanthropy
Speaker: Mr. Don Mohanlal, President & CEO, The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation, India
• Green Philanthropy: Issues and Challenges
Speaker: Mr. Ralph Dixon, Director of Environmental Investments, YTL, Malaysia
• Saving Bali: Sustaining Ecological Practices of Communities
Speaker: Mr. I Made Suaranatha, Director, Yayasan Wisnu, Bali
• For a Sustainable World: Solutions in Green Philanthropy
Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Nik Meriam, Research Head, Programme on 'Sustainability and Environment', Universiti Malaya, Malaysia
Q & A
4.30 pm
Closing Ceremony
Closing Remarks: Philanthropy Asia
Closing Address: YB Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
5.00 pm

End of Conference

RM 900.00 (USD 250/-)
Group Discounts:
  • 3 (10%)
  • 4 (15%)
  • Higher (25%)
Payment Mode

Cheque payable to: 
Centre for the Advancement of Philanthropy Sdn Bhd.

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Centre for the Advancement of Philanthropy Sdn Bhd
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Account no: 14210011883058 
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 What they are saying about the conference...
"timely and compelling"
Peter De Courcy Hero, Senior Fellow, Graduate Business School, Stanford University, US, former CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

"timely initiative, congratulations"
Dr. Michael Liffman, Director, Asia Pacific Centre for Philanthropy as Social Investment, Swinburne University, Australia

"much needed conference. we will be introducing community service for our CSR curriculum"
Malaysian academic

"Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. We appreciate your thinking of him 
and the foundation for this event and send our very best wishes for its success"
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) said on charity and philanthropy:
“What one man can do himself directly is but little.
If however he can stir up ten others to take up the task he has accomplished much”

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